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I live sacred geometry, sculpture, and Buckminster Fuller. I design and build original pinhole cameras as a playground to explore all three. It is my belief that art is the documentation of creative process. It is a sea of depth and layers, always begging to be swam.

*If ever the internet was the wrong place to present something, this is it.

This camera produces paper negatives that are 20" tall by 7-10' wide. Seeing the scrolls laid out in person is an experience and I am happy to share with the curious and inspired. Until then enjoy their digital offspring.

Cylinder Pinhole Camera

4'x4'x4' Using this camera is a performance piece in itself. It takes 30mins to load in complete darkness and is then carried on back to the location. Exposures range from 10mins-30mins depending on conditions. It is constructed of aluminum, cardboard, wood, and tape. A lot of tape.

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